Work in Finland

Would you like to work in Finland? Many foreigners have moved to Finland and found great job opportunities. However, finding a job can sometimes be difficult, when you don’t know where to look for them. In this article we are looking at tips for finding a job, as well as different channels, through which finding a job in Finland is the easiest!

Tips for getting a job in Finland

Make a good resume

In Finland most employers require a resume. So, if you want to have a chance at getting the job you want, you should make a resume that catches your employer’s eye. There are many sites that offer free or cheap resume templates, like Canva, or cvapp. 

How to write a good resume

Here’s a few tips for making a good resume!

  • Make it short

Recruiters are busy people. You should try to write everything important on one page and not add anything unrelated to the job you’re applying for. Everything you want the recruiter to read should fit on a single page.

  • Work experience and education matter most

The first thing every recruiter looks at is your experience and education. You should write down all your experience and all your relevant education. 

  • Use proper English

If an employer is looking for a worker who speaks English, you should at least remove all spelling errors from your resume. Seeing many spelling errors in a resume makes the employer question, if you’re as good as speaking the language, as you are writing it. 

  • Sell yourself

This is easily the hardest part. You have a few paragraphs to convince the employer that you’re a good worker and a good member of their team. You don’t have to be modest while writing this because no one else is either. Tell them that you work hard with a smile and are eager to learn.

Be active

Getting a job in Finland can be hard, even for a Finnish person. Therefore, you need to be active. Thousands of job posts are posted on different job sites every day. Of course, every job is not suitable for everyone, but try to browse through as many jobs as possible and apply for the ones you think would suit you.

Don’t spam

Recruiters always spot copy-pasted applications easily. If you apply for a position, you should include an application letter, in which you explain why you would like to work in the company and why you would be a good fit for the job. This can’t be done if every application you send is the same.

helsingin rautatienasema
Workers outside EU will need a residence permit to get a work permit in Finland

Work permit in Finland

Firstable, to get a work permit in Finland you’ll need a residence permit. If you work without a residence permit, you may be punished by a fine. In some cases it is possible to work without a residence permit. Exceptions can be found here in Finnish Immigration Service.

Residence permit itself could include a working permit in some cases. In this case you won’t need to get a separate work permit. You can find the information in your residence permit. Citizen of an EU Member State, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland don’t need a residence permit to work in Finland. 

Read more about work permits in Finland on Finnish Immigration Service.

Job sites

Wellpack is a HR company that specializes in industry, production, and logistics. Wellpack often hires English speaking workers to multiple different clients. Wellpack helps their workers, if they have any complications with worker’s permits, taxes or living. 

At the moment our job announcements are in Finnish, but we accept applications in English too. Feel free to send us your application where you list your working experience, skills and other traits. is a job site managed by the largest job site in Finland, Duunitori. In you can find thousands of jobs that don’t usually require Finnish language. You can also set up a job watch, which will notify you via email if a suitable job is published.

Työmarkkinatori is a Finnish job site where most jobs posted are in Finnish. However, in the search options, you can choose to search only for English speaking jobs. There aren’t as many English jobs posted here as, but the jobs are different. It’s worth the try to check Työmarkkinatori too!

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a job search platform. This is strange because there are tons of English-speaking jobs posted in LinkedIn. LinkedIn Jobs also offers an “Easy apply” for some jobs. This means you can apply by just clicking a few times. Just make sure your resume is prepared well!

Light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurs, such as Wolt couriers and Uber drivers, technically work through their own company but sell their services to other companies. There are many companies that help you start your light entrepreneurship, like Free, Ukko and OP. Light entrepreneurship is a very popular way to get a job, if you have little experience and don’t speak Finnish.